Saturday, April 28, 2007

Homework in the Future (1981)

Forget jetpacks, Martian colonies and floating cities. We may have found the most astonishing claim made by anyone of the paleo-future. According to the 1981 book School, Work and Play (World of Tomorrow), in the future, homework will be fun! Upon hearing the news every child of the early 1980s choked on their bologna sandwich.

Learning by computer in the future will be fun. This computer is displaying a chemistry experiment for the older child and arithmetic problems for the younger one. The computer controls include light pens to draw on the screens. The chemistry student has done something wrong and has caused an explosion!

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Anonymous said...

Muy interesante tu blog

Jeff Burton said...

Morons. One of the first thing you learn about instrucitonal design is that you can't make the negative feedback more gratifying than the positive.

El Mostro said...

Excelente. Me crié viendo "Walt Disney, Tomorrow...".
Muy bueno tu blog.

Anonymous said...

How archaic! Have you seen the new 3-D images of the sun NASA just released? They even give you instructions how to make your own 3-D glasses. What a throwback. 3-D: vision of science. Wave of the future.

The Urban Naturalist

jayKayEss said...

"...studying will be like picking up a book that tells you it wants you to read it, and then won't let you put it down until you're finished!"

Well I, for one, welcome our new eBook overlords.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I'm a kid myself, and telling from me, NO homework is fun. If we are sitting at computers learning instead of running around, or having fun NOTHING could be. I don't even know why im going to school! I have a free will, you know!