Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Startling Changes in Housing in Year 2000 (Chicago Tribune, 1961)

The Chicago Tribune ran an article in their July 22, 1961 issue titled, "An Expert Foresees Startling Changes in Housing in Year 2000." The article outlined the revolutionary changes that we would see by the year 2000.

What will our homes be like in the year 2000?

This question was the basis for some long range forecasts recently by Chris J. Witting, vice president in charge of the consumer products group of Westinghouse Electric corporation.

He said many homes of that era will be "demountable."

"That is," he explained, "our homes will move with us when we change locations, just as our furniture does today. The house will be assembled of interlocking room units, each with its own thermo-electric heating, cooling, and lighting system built into the walls."

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Interlocking mobile pre-fab housing units: http://www.sustain.ca/pdf/miniHomeSOLOplans.pdf

I want to live in one!!!