Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Miss A.D. 2000 (Chicago Tribune, 1952)

While browsing the Chicago Tribune archives this past weekend I came across this feature from May 4, 1952. It highlights fashion designs from Jacques Heim, Marcel Rochas, Madame Carven and Jacques Griffe.

"What will women wear in the year 2000? A photographer put the question to leading Paris couturiers, who took the wraps off their imaginations and produced these forecasts of future fashions."

My favorite vision of what we'd be wearing in the year 2000 is probably that of Marcel Rochas, whose clothes are pictured in the image below.

"Marcel Rochas envisions a spiral antenna headdress for thought transference; sunglass-shaped eye make-up; costume reminiscent of ancient armor; floating veils, and sandals of panther skin."

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