Monday, April 23, 2007

Factories in Space (1982)

The 1982 book The Kids' Whole Future Catalog made the rather ambitious prediction of entire industries sprouting up in space by the year 2000.

In the future, products from space will be in great demand. Economists are predicting a 20 billion dollar market for space-made goods by the year 2000.

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Challenge of Outer Space (circa 1950s)


Dan said...

In the future, products from space will be in great demand.

Oh yes, that MADE IN SPACE label on such products will be a status symbol!

Chris said...

We're behind schedule! We're NEVER going to meet Ray Kurzweil's 2026 Singularity deadline at this rate.

Anonymous said...

Boy, that's another one of those no-brainers that "futurists" jumped all over, huh? Let's see if I have this economic model correct:
Send raw building materials into space at a cost of like $3 million/lb.
Make something out of it.
Send back to Earth (carefully).

Paul M. Cray said...

The design of the space station is very similar to the Vulcan industrial space stations in "The Usborne Book of the Future", so I guess there is a common source for the design. Mid-1970s NASA studies?

Kozaburo Non-bu said...

I guess they're making these products out of... space?

I haven't heard anything so ridiculous since "global warming" - my favorite kind of ridiculous futurism... lol