Thursday, May 3, 2007

Future Arcade Games (1985)

The 1985 book Science: It's Changing Your World features this photo of a futuristic arcade game.

"Take that, Darth Vader!" Cruz Fino, Jr., 14, pretends to be a starship commander as he shows how an arcade game of the future might look. A player would sit inside a mini-dome. The player would shoot laser beams at video targets projected onto the wall. Though bright, the beams would of course be of low power and harmless. Cruz, whose father is a technician with Laser Images, Inc., lives in Van Nuys, California.

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Anonymous said...

Well, at least they got Star Wars' popularity right!

SheriVan said...

One-man Laser Tag!

Unknown said...

I had that book!
It's probably still at my folks' house.

Anonymous said...
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