Monday, May 7, 2007

Envision Odd Styles in 1950 (Hammond Times, 1939)

The June 9, 1939 Hammond Times (Hammond, Indiana) ran a story titled, "Envision Odd Styles in 1950." Below is the article in its entirety.

Harvey T. Noyes, self-styled "man of 1950," publicly wears definitely futuristic clothes which he confidently predicts will be all the rage among men-about-town 11 years hence.

His ultra modern wardrobe was handsewn by his bride, who followed his instruction in designing clothes primarily for masculine comfort.

"There are too many pockets, buttons and creases in the clothes men wear now," said Noyes.

The outfit which created a sensation when he first wore it downtown comprised a wine-red satin blouse, a red corded silk ankle-length cape lined white green taffeta and caught at the throat with a red band, trousers that smacked of the medieval "tights" era and soft leather shoes with one lace which ties across the top.

His appearance, conservatively expressed, is colorful as he wanders through the shopping district doing errands for his wife.

"People laugh at me," he said. "But that doesn't bother me, because I feel just as much at home in my new outfit as I did in my other clothes."

Mrs. Noyes now is completing a wardrobe for herself. It is fashioned on the same futuristic principles.

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