Monday, May 28, 2007

Blondes to be Extinct (1907)

A number of major news outlets got burned in 2002 on a fake story about blondes going extinct. The idea that blondes will soon be non-existent is not a new one, as you can see by reading the story below. "Blondes to be Extinct" ran in the March 7, 1907 New Oxford Item (New Oxford, Pennsylvania).

Another man has come forward to declare that the woman with the golden tesses is doomed, says the New York American. This does not mean that she is to be absent next summer from the beaches, when her bathing suit is of the proper color, or that she is not to be found the next Winter, wearing a white veil to accentuate the head of hair nature or a chemist designed for her.

But in about six hundred years the blonde will be a curiosity. She is to join the horse with five toes and the dodo. The leading lady doing Ophelia in a play by Shakespeare will not be able to wear her own hair unless she violates tradition. The color will predominate in the department stores around Christmas time and still be a favorite for dolls.


Anonymous said...

Its not totally bad science. Extinct is not the word I'd use, but rare or perhaps "endangered". Blonde is not a dominant hair color. So unless more blondes mate with blondes, the darker hair color is almost always going to be dominant in the offspring. Therefore, less and less blondes will be walking the earth. I'm referring to natural blondes, of course. There will always be the bottle blondes for the remainder of time.

Anonymous said...

That's why I always keep 2 or 3 in my basement. ;)

Mark Plus said...

Of course, this prediction occurred in the context of the fear at the time that the "white race" in general would eventually die out.

A.R.Yngve said...

Isn't it weird how stupid, muddled ideas like "The-Pristine-White-Race -Is-Besieged-By-Darkies" just keep recurring with intervals? What's up with that?

Salo said...

To Yngve; can not such prediction be made without having to assume that the maker is a racist?
I would like to see blondes in the future as well. Nothing against "fucking till everyone is the same colour" (as they said in the movie Bullworth), but variety is the spice of life.

Its pretty boring when everyone is of the same colour.