Thursday, May 31, 2007

1999 A.D. Intro (1967)

In the future, kids will be so dumb that they'll forget the year (and spooky music will swell on cue).

How does the computer know everything? I mean like how . . . I mean like, how many times to exercise and all?

You can find 1999 A.D. on the DVD Yesterday's Tomorrows Today, released by A/V Geeks.

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Anonymous said...

The woman is Marj Dusay, who I recognize from Star Trek.

Mark Plus said...

When you watch this stuff now, you have to ask, "What the hell were they thinking back then?" The banality of the scene, a former model with her slow-witted kid on the beach, contrasts so sharply with the transition to the spooky revelation that it takes place in that far-off year "1999 A.D.," that you just have to laugh.

Chris said...

What an annoying, dull-witted little child.

Sloop John B said...

So... This is predicting the dumbing down of America and MILFS? Way to go!