Thursday, May 10, 2007

Commuter Helicopter (1947)

This painting by Alexis V. Lapteff (1905-1991) is titled "Family Departing Visit with Grandparents in their Commuter Helicopter." It was produced in 1947 and is featured in the Petersen Automotive Museum book, Driving Through Futures Past.

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Anonymous said...

Cool; I suppose that in the future, all lawn furniture will be made out of solid lead, in order to keep it from blowing away in the rotor downwash of all the helicopters landing in all the backyards!

Arkonbey said...

Having been a crewman and mechanic on Search & Rescue helicopters, I cannot imagine personal flying vehicles ever hitting the general public.

Most drivers have a hell of a time paying attention in two dimensions, let alone three!

Can you imagine some cell-phone yakking soccer mom actually paying attention to altitude corrections, traffic alerts, and clearance changes from ATC,or checking the weather in the morning, calculating fuel consumption in-flight, or doing a pre-flight inspection of the aircraft?

I litterally shudder at the thought.

Anonymous said...

Arkonbey is right. Furthermore I don't see any sense in personal aircrafts. they can do nothing you can't do with a car or public transportation at least as well.

Emil Perhinschi said...

how about personal dirigibles ? Should reach decent speed, and a collapsible frame would make it easier to park, after pumping out the helium.

... yes, I spent lots of time in blocked in traffic, so I am allowed to dream :)

Larry said...

ATTN: Arkonbey
Look out -- it's coming sooner than you think!

Anonymous said...

Where is your imagination guys? How about computers that take care of flying those helicopters for you, including collision avoidance, leaving you to decide if you want to go up or down, and in what direction. Its not so far off!

Also are you trying to say that cars or buses are better than helicopters? What?