Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Mammy vs. Robot (Charleston Gazette, 1937)

This Li'l Abner comic by Al Capp ran in the July 18, 1937 edition of the Charleston Gazette (Charleston, West Virginia).

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Dave Lester said...

Thanks for sharing this!

The professor refers to his robot as perfect, yet capable of being a “savage” and “murderous.” This early development of the robot archetype seems to parallel attitudes toward Native Americans in early American history. I would be interested to see if this is merely a coincidence, or if this appears in other comics as well.


Anonymous said...

Why does Mammy wear CFM boots?

Anonymous said...

What is he fixin' to do?

Brandy said...

Hmmm, there are a LOT of interesting things going on in this comic!!!

First, the 2 scientists, or "Older Freud" and "Younger Freud" as I refer to them, switch places when they are shown. Hmmm, did they stop for lunch somewhere?

And if you knew your robot could smell, first off, congrats, that is a REALLY hard thing to do! Second off, if a fairly common smell will make it violate a Law of Robotics, perhaps turning off that circuit would be advisable.

And then, these Freudian appearing scientists are ignorant regarding fetishism and S&M? I know places who would pay BIG BUCKS for a submissive fetish slave that is indestructible, if a bit literal...

Lastly, Mammy is HOT!