Tuesday, December 11, 2007

2000 A.D. (Part 1, 1990)

The Motorola concept video 2000 A.D. was produced in 1990 and focuses on the fantastic wireless future. Part one appears below.

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Anonymous said...

The video seems to cut off before the guy's wife divorces him for talking on the phone while on vacation.

Matt said...

Remarkably accurate . . . only pitching the date a little earlier than it really turned out to be.

Nice one, Motorola.

I do find it disturbing, though, that the ability to bother people with work on their holidays is touted as a good thing.

Eoin O'Mahony said...

Not only that Matt but he seems to own his own private beach and seems strangely self-conscious when his phone goes off. Wonderful stuff.

Salo said...

It actually took me a second to realize what was so futuristic about those phones - and then I remembered what my dad's mobile was like back in 92..