Tuesday, December 18, 2007

1999 A.D. Controversy

Back in April, I started posting clips from the 1967 film 1999 A.D. I never expected controversy. The video below should hopefully clear things up. Many thanks to Skip at A/V Geeks for the link.

There is a fair amount of skepticism from people questioning the authenticity of material I post here on the blog. Oddly enough, people tend to question the posts of microfilm scans rather than articles I've transcribed.

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Oliver / Cultpunk said...

That's odd, about folks thinking it was fake. Maybe I'm gullible -- but I never suspected that, and I'd like like to think I'm not someone who's too completely lacking in the Savvy Dept.

On a related note, watched the "cult" film Queen of Outer Space recently -- 1958, stars Zsa Zsa Gabor as an alien (yeah, this is why it gets into 'cult' territory). There is a machine in the film that looks almost exactly like an iMac. I'll try to get a screen cap.

Jay said...

Hey, that's Paul Magers from KARE 11 in the Twin Cities. He's on CBS in LA now. He's the best news anchor St.Paul/MPLS ever had. They've gone through two other anchors and they both stink.

Unknown said...

That Ladies' Home Journal article with all the predictions about giant fruit got some play on blogs a while back (in a textual transcription, not the scan of the original that you had). Some people who read it thought that it was probably fake, because a few of the non-giant-fruit-related predictions seemed too on the nose. But my impression was that they weren't too far out of line from what others were saying at the time.

Unknown said...

...In general, I've found that old futurist predictions about communication technology tend to be way, way more accurate than old futurist predictions concerning just about anything else. I mean, sure, we don't wear the "ristos" on our wrists, but that's just an industrial design detail.

Anonymous said...

A video, today, talking about a video, of yesterday, that talked about life, today.

Retro futurism is becoming complex.

Chris said...

It couldn't possibly a fake because fakes of this nature always FEEL like fakes. Something always gives it away. The over the top "poor" sound quality, the too-much grain and video degradation, the contemporary fabric ir lamp they had to make do with because they couldn't find just the right item in the retro shop. And so on.

Look at Tarantino's recent valiant attempt to meticulously replicate the look of Grindhouse movies in Deathproof and Planet Terror. If even he can't perfectly pull it off...