Friday, September 28, 2007

Classroom of the Future (Part 3, 1987)

Without further ado, the third and final part of the 1987 concept video, Classroom of the Future.

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Mark Plus said...

Apparently nobody back in the 1980's anticipated that teen boys would use the internet to try to view porn.

Anonymous said...

Wireless Keyboard? No talk about copyrights or paying for a service to allow you to use the files. No one wants to use a small screen in bed, they got that wrong.

Phoebe Barton said...

No direct talk about copyrights, no, but look how fast that text scrolls by, and no apparent way to stop it or go back to what's already gone past. Could be that scrolling text to prevent malingering and note-taking was a sop to copyrights in this particular paleofuture.

Unknown said...

I disagree about using screens in bed; little handheld web-surfing devices can actually be a pretty good form of bedtime reading.

The problem here is that the device in the video is really not a small screen, it's a screen too big to hold with a big clunky keyboard. The wide aspect ratio on the screen is interesting, though.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

The kid kept mispronouncing the runner's name. It was "Pheidippides" and not Philipides. He should've consulted wikipedia.

Anonymous said...

Other than possibly to make it look less like a TV or video game screen, I can't figure out why they used such a wide, squat aspect ratio for the kid's information display. For anything other than text, much of the display would go unused, since most images and video would have a squarer shape. Reminds me of the LCD on the old TRS-80 Model 100.

Anonymous said...
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