Friday, September 7, 2007

Flowers by Alice (Part 4, 1992)

According to part 4 of Flowers by Alice, in the future, all brides are ditzy Valley Girls with neck spasms. Be sure to check out part 6 of the concept video Connections for AT&T's version of wedding planning in the future.

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Rangachari Anand said...

This was a real gem!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe the crappiness of that copy-paste action of the flowers. Is that the killer app of video-calling?
Love the future style of corporate dressing for flower shops though.

Mark Plus said...

Hey, they got the Valley Girl thing right. I lived in Southern California for several years, then returned to my home town of Tulsa for several days in 2002. I noticed that many of the teen girls and young women in Tulsa didn't sound like Okies, but a lot like the ones I encountered in SoCal. A friend of mine in Tulsa about my age has also remarked on the change of speaking patterns in white American girls born after, say, the mid 1970's.

winampman said...

The device in the beginning could be an iPhone! i think...