Friday, September 7, 2007

Yet Another Flying Car Company

The IsraGood blog points us to yet another company promising that ever-elusive flying car of the future. Urban Aeronautics claims that they will be producing the "X-Hawk" by early 2009.

It seems like an intelligent business plan to first introduce the vehicle for urban rescue and medical evacuation purposes but, even if it flies, the mass-market hurdles to such transportation options still exist.

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Anonymous said...

The terrorist threat will unfortunately prevent all but government use of flying vehicles in large urban centers, so this may be the only market for such a craft. Call it the Spinner market.

Anonymous said...

I liked how the ambulance was more willing to smash cars than the criminal in the high-speed chase.

I'd also like to know where the engines, fuel, etc are, if that section in the middle is as empty as it looked in the fire rescue scenario.... That being said, I want one more than anything.

Anonymous said...

What happens when it loses power at 80 ft. in the air? Can it autorotate like a copter? Does it have a backup power source? Like fairy dust?

Why do people even waste time with this kind of stuff when we already have proven tech that can do the same things. I'll only stand up and listen when we get antigravity flying machines. Gravity doesn't cut out like a fan might.

Eoin O'Mahony said...

Yes, I'd sign up for transportation that places me between two high-powered VTOL fans. For sure.

Adam said...

Flying Motorcycle