Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Vision (Clip 2, 1993)

This clip from the 1993 concept video Vision demonstrates why the videophone has never caught on.

There is nothing communicated between the characters that necessitates visuals. If the best application of videophone technology you can think of is proving that helicopters exist, there probably isn't a pressing need for the technology.

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Mathieu said...


LOL so elegant

Anonymous said...

I also noticed that there's nothing she does by voice command that couldn't be done quicker with a mouse and point-and-click. Producing an AI system capable of unambiguously analysing what you say is far harder than just using your hand and eye to do a simple job.

Keith Martin

Anonymous said...

One possible use for videophones (often overlooked) is communication between sign language users. Although the deaf sign language users I know prefer webcam - despite jerky frame rates - on MSN and suchlike because it's "free". Perhaps the final nail in the coffin for videophones.

artbot said...

Wow, maybe someday *I'll* get to ride in a "helicopter"! The future is so exciting!

Unknown said...

What I find most interesting is that the turn of the century distrust of heavier-than-air flight is still alive and well in the future.

Bonnach said...

If I had to talk to that old bat with video on, she would be able to see me making faces and flipping her the bird. For some reason that might be something you would want to hide from your mother.

Scott said...

Hey honey, I'm taking this HELICOPTER home! See it back there? It really exists! No, I'm not having an affair in a sleazy motel again! Really! You can see the HELICOPTER that I'll be on! It's right behind me! Okay, bye, I love you!