Thursday, August 30, 2007

Flowers by Alice (Part 3, 1992)

Part 3 of the US West concept video Flowers by Alice shows the amazing graphics capabilities of their portable, talking computer. Those flower pots are priceless. I'm pretty sure Mario and Luigi can be spotted if you squint hard enough.

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MattyMatt said...

I was hoping the car-computer was going to bust out with a voice-synthed, "AAAAAH! Keep your eyes on the road, you crazy broad!"

Anonymous said...

what about to shift to a turbo-boost system for a try?

runlevel0 said...

Void recognition and talking voice operated computers are a reality since a lot of time ago. almost everybody has a GPS... and even older PCs and Macs are able to speak and understand voice commands.


Many countries forbids the use of multimedia devices and even some GPS to drivers. What mattymatt said makes just a lot of sense.

Sound is prone to too many interference. We humans can mange this pretty well, but not our computers, so that it's it's quite unhandy.