Monday, December 1, 2008

Robot Christmas (1958)

Well Medicated recently compiled a number of paleo-futuristic images (mostly stolen from the always-excellent blog Modern Mechanix), including this one from the December, 1958 issue of Popular Electronics magazine. The robot family of the future sure is adorable, putting up their Christmas tree and all. If you recall, Parade magazine had a more terrifying depiction of the robo-dog of the future back in 1959.

If you love this style of robot, might I recommend the tremendous artwork of Eric Joyner? A delight for all robots, big and small.

A special thanks to BoingBoing and Jeremy for the heads up on this robo-family find.

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Anonymous said...

Robots are Christian?

Anonymous said...

All issues of Popular Mechanics are now online!

When will the same be done for Popular Science?!

Anonymous said...

Seeing the article about Popular Science I was reminded about a SERIES of articles I read in this magazine during the late 60's early 70's.
In these articles they described in Detail the workings of an Air-conditioner System that ran totally on AIR...
a blower forced air through a venturi, heating it. The heated air went through a Radiator of sorts wheich cooled it and then it was channeled back into the Car, house etc. after being expanded.
The resulting air flow was much colder than the air coming into the unit.... In fact they said that in a CAR installation they had to mix warm Air in with the cold air to keep the people in the car from Freezing....
These articles ran for months off and on... Then like magic... they stopped publishing them....
What ever happened to this Air conditioner.???