Monday, December 22, 2008

Man's Life in the Space Age (1962)

Fun House has posted some fun images from the 1962 World's Fair in Seattle, which was also known as the "Century 21 Exposition." The image above is a map which "illustrates your trip through the World of Century 21."

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Anonymous said...

The first stop is "Man's Past Futures" -- was that some kind of 1960s exhibition of then-paleo-future stories and materials?

Anonymous said...

I want to ride the bubbleator!

Anonymous said...

While I cannot stand the overpopulated and cheesy computer graphic imagery that is often used today in illustrating things, I also cannot get over how minimal, dark, and dare I say dull this so-called map of the fair is.

Did they seriously think the appearance of this map would be some kind of enticement, or is this because I live in such a technocolor and information at my fingertips age?

Anonymous said...

great stuff, mate. digging up the future ain't easy.

this site is a big hit at my office.

Anonymous said...

One of the episodes of MST3K featured a Bell Labs promo video set at the 1962 World's Fair: