Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More French Prints of the Year 2000 (1900)

Hunting and Destroying Microbes

The website Television History has five more French prints which imagine the year 2000. The site claims that 50 such cards, each illustrating different wonders of a hundred years hence, were produced for the 1900 Paris Exposition.

Flying Tennis

Projecting Telescope

Underwater Croquet

Flying Buses

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Salo said...

That astronaut and flying bus really hit pretty close to home.

andyross said...

In the first picture, just how do you kill microbes by shooting something at a projected image???

Dyda said...

How did they get the wings on the flying bus? I thought the Wright brothers didn't do their thing until 1901 and no one tried flying machines that way before then.

Anonymous said...

How long before we can get some full-sized wallpapers of these?

Konsumterra said...

i have a book with the whole set with insane and banal descriptions by isaac asimov

Anonymous said...

wow they really were totally thick back then.

Why would anyone ever want to play underwater crocket?

How on earth could Flying Tennis work even if they could fly?