Friday, May 2, 2008

Alfred Hitchcock to the Year 2000 (1958)

The April 6, 1958 Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode Disappearing Trick ends with the master of suspense making a plea to the people of the year 2000. A clip of the program can be seen below.

Since this program is on film and will probably be shown for many years to come, I should like to address my next remarks to those of you who are watching this show in the year 2000. Please write in at once and tell us what life is like. I'm quite curious. Until next week, good night.

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Anonymous said...

Sucks that he never lived that long (but he would have been over 100...). But I wonder if anyone wrote in anyway?

Anonymous said...

That is the most deadpan joke i have ever seen delivered in my entire life.

Anonymous said...

I saw that clip at the Universal Studio theme park's Hitchcock exhibit! It was kind of startling because that WAS in 2000!