Friday, April 4, 2008

Disney Paleo-Future Muxtape

The Paleo-Future Muxtape is currently featuring 12 tracks of Disney paleo-futurism. Listen while they're hot because this will be a constantly changing mix of audio. For a less paleofuture-focused Disney audio adventure check out the Epcot Muxtape.

See also:
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Rebuilding Tomorrowland (1966)
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Tomorrowland, Disneyland Opening Day (1955)
Space Station X-1 (circa 1955)


Anonymous said...

Hi! is there any way to download these? I love them and don't want to lose them..

Sultmhoor said...

Aww, I recognize Russell Brower's handiwork!

Mrs. S Coconut said...

Awww...One Little Spark...I was a cast member on that attraction the night it closed in 1998. It feels like home listening to these songs. Thanks.