Monday, April 21, 2008

Tell us your own Tricentennial story (1976)

I can't believe it's been a year since we last looked at the book, The Tricentennial Report: Letters from America. Published by the Atlantic Richfield Company in 1977, the book collects the hopes and fears of common people looking forward 100 years to the United States Tricentennial.

The advertisement below appeared in the June 16, 1976 Oakland Tribune (Oakland, CA) and asked for submissions from the general public.

While we here at the Paleo-Future blog usually abhor input from readers, this seems like as good a time as any to open up the floor to discussion. What do you think the year 2076 A.D. will look like? Remember, you have 32 years on these people. Your predictions should then be 32 years smarter. Right, smarty-pants? Right?

When you're done with your prediction, mail it to:
The Mayor of Blog
10101 Blogosphere Lane
Internet, California 95041

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Anonymous said...

I believe Arthur C. Clarke had a short story called the Tercentenary Incident, wherein the president of the USA was suspected of being a robot...

Mark R. Brown said...

If I have to use SNAIL MAIL to submit my story, then forget it.

And that's my opinion of what it will be like in 2076.

Bill Higgins-- Beam Jockey said...

Mark, in 2076, people will sneer at the inconvenience of e-mail, preferring to use Mental Mail.

I wonder what Arco did with the responses to this ad? Stuffed 'em in a time capsule somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Check out "The Lazlo Letters" by the man who played Father Guido Sarducci for a good spoof.

Anonymous said...

In 2076 we are all going to be dead. The Nuclear holocaust happened in 2053.

Anonymous said...

In the year 2076, there will be no United States of America to celebrate its tricentennial.

We will all be part of the One World Government, a United Earth.

Independent nations will be things of the past.

We will then be asked to join the Galactic Federation of Worlds.