Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rocket Ship (1956)

This cross section of a rocket ship appeared in the 1956 book The Complete Book of Space Travel. The space suit we looked at back in December can be seen hanging up at the rear of the ship.

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Britt said...

Clean-cut athletic dudes in freefall, lounging about in shorts. Rawr!!!

This picture taps into deeply hidden, disturbingly Heinlein-associated parts of my libido. Disconcerting!

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that the up-and-down orientation of the ship is 90 degrees to the direction of thrust. It's more like a Navy destroyer than a spaceship, and those bunks aren't going to do them much good during acceleration.

Liza Blake said...

The positions of the "astronauts" are striking -- something about their poses reminds me of nudes in paintings! (see, e.g., Velazquez)


Matt said...

What are those three guys on the lower deck up to?
They've clearly been alone in space too long.

Anonymous said...

The homoerotic potential here is, er, enormous, indeed. How many of you also noticed the unclothed leg sticking out of the captain's chair in the fold?

Still, interesting prediction vis a vis flatscreen monitors. (Betcha didn't notice those, did ya?)

Dr. Schluss said...

You'd think they would've made that lower level a little taller. No one can do anything BUT lay down in there. Very sadistic living quarters I must say.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! I feel like putting on my chaps!

Bill Higgins-- Beam Jockey said...

Uncountable tiny, tiny dots everywhere-- that's the signature of the great Virgil Finlay.

(The other signature of the great Virgil Finlay appears in the bottom right corner, of course.)

See http://www.bpib.com/illustrat/finlay.htm.