Thursday, January 3, 2008

Taller Women by Year 2000 (1949)

The December 24, 1949 Daily Capital News (Jefferson City, MO) ran an Associated Press article titled, "Authorities Predict Gals Will 'Rise' to New Heights by 2000." An excerpt along with the piece in its entirety appear below.
"Nature seems bent on producing a new race of Amazons. Within the next 50 years you'll find the emancipated woman engaging actively in such sports as football, baseball and soccer. She'll think nothing of chopping the wood and acting as family car mechanic."

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Anonymous said...

Wow! They anticipated supermodels!

Anonymous said...

I'm more interested in how they were able to predict the Princess Leia slave girl outfit from Return of the Jedi...uncanny!

Salo said...

How much is that in centimetres? From about 155 to 185?

Anonymous said...

As nice as it wold be to have a flying car, it is nothing compared to the need for 6'1" women in skanky valkyrie inspired outfits.

Arkonbey said...

rachel: I think not so much Princess Leia, but an overall Xena, thing.

Salo: I think that's about right.

jayessell said...

6'1" = 185.42 cm

A website I can't find any longer predicted tall and busty Marylin Monroe-like women (to attact a mate) and short weak men with huge heads.
(as machines would perform all manual labor and men design and operate them. They predicted Nerds.)

Um... Now that I think of it... that web article seems Onionish.

Chuchundra said...

My wife is six feet tall and has a size 11 shoe, now if I can only get her to wear that outfit.

janevalenz said...

Uh...that was a bit accurate, but not entirely. I'm a size 11 in clothing, but I'm only 5'5". In this "future," women (and men) have only grown in girth, not so much in height.

I shudder to think how far this will 2050, XXL will be the "average" size and XL will be considered "petite and slender." The average lifespan will end at 50, usually due to a massive coronary.

Anonymous said...

They meant her feet are (would be?) size 11, I think. (I'm a height throwback to 1900, but with 1950s feet...)

Anonymous said...

Actually, European men are increasing in height but Americans aren't because they don't take care of themselves. Poor nutrition.

Scott Haley said...

I think that women have gotten taller. Every girl I know grows taller than her mother.