Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Disposable Clothes Just Around Corner (1961)

The October 12, 1961 Evening Capital (Annapolis, Maryland) ran a story titled, "Disposable Clothes Seen Just Around The Corner." Excerpts appear below.
A research laboratory cuts its big laundry bill way down by sending dirty smocks, coveralls, etc., to the garbage pail. A housewife convinces her husband that her new party dress is a good bargain because she'll be able to wear it four times before throwing it away. Vacationers, ready to head home, stuff campsite trash and bedding into pillowcases and throw them into the campfire.

Disposable clothes are here - still being tested, but very much alive and kicking.

The article goes on to talk about the American public's issues with waste.
Part of the problem is one of salesmanship. Disposable clothes are still a novelty and command novelty prices. In addition, the American public is still hamstrung by the idea that waste is bad.

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shahn said...

"hamstrung by the idea that waste is bad"?
think of all those great ideas never realized because of petty environmental concerns....

Laurie Mann said...

I had a paper dress or two in either 1967 or 1968. I remember it had smiley faces on it! I kind of wish I had a photo of it now.

Anonymous said...

We use disposable paper overall still! They are used when handling stuff like asbestos.

Unknown said...

We have these. It's called "Old Navy."

Anonymous said...

Thank god we've overcome our backwards thoughts that waste is bad! It's too bad we're still hamstrung by the idea that the sun is good. I think we really need to snuff that big ole fireball out before it burns another sunbather!