Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Vacations of the Future (1981)

The 1981 book School, Work and Play (World of Tomorrow) illustrates what the vacation of the future will surely look like. With robots and computers doing all of the work, your biggest dillema will be deciding what kind of margarita to order on your space colony retreat. Isn't it great, living in the future?

With computers and robots doing most of your work, you're going to have more leisure time in the future. You'll want to enjoy this extra time - and here computers and robots will again come to your aid.

Suppose you feel like a vacation. Planning it is easy. On the viewscreen of your home videophone computer, you watch video guides that show any place in the world - or out of it. Eventually you choose your destination - the Space Islands. These are a group of huge space colonies that are resorts for people from Earth, the Moonbase and other space colonies. They have different climates in order to attract all kinds of tourists, and you choose a colony that is like several South Sea islands inside. However, unlike the real South Sea islands, you can play weightless games there and experience other such delights that only the Space Islands can offer.

Getting from your home to the colony is a long and complicated journey, but your computer arranges all the various stages of the trip, books your seats, reserves your hotel rooms . . . and pays your bills.

Then it's off on a whole variety of robot transports as exciting as the vacation itself - beltways, autotaxis, high-speed monorail trains, underground vacuum bullet trains, mammoth jets, space shuttles and finally a spacecruiser out of the colony.

You're there at last, and a wonderful vacation lies before you. There's only one problem - no one speaks English. The Space Islands are designed to suit all the people on Earth, and so their languages vary. You've chosen one in which Spanish is spoken. You can't speak Spanish, so you hire a portable computer that translates instantly from one language to another.

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Anonymous said...

Is that an iPod Nano I see on the black fellow...

Anonymous said...

experience other such delights that only the Space Islands can offer

Oh, please. Like the Space Islands will be the only place you'll find robot hookers.

Cory Gross said...

Ah, back when robot workers meant that I'd be paid the same amount of money for next to no work, rather than putting me out of a job so the owner and shareholders could hog more money to themselves. I hope they have a good time on the Space Islands...

Mark Plus said...

This book chapter doesn't suggest a date for vacations in luxury space colonies, but it looks to me like how some "futurists" in 1980 imagined life in that far off, mysterious year 2010.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone watched too many episodes of the Jetsons.


Anonymous said...

That's great!

I better start learning Spanish

Anonymous said...

I see what's going on here. Child kidnappings will be more common in the future. The picture depicts a very tanned Jerry Harrison trying to distract a nanny with his gazillion megabyte iPod while his accomplice makes off with the nanny's charge.

Anonymous said...

Good to see jheri curl is still popular in the paleo-future.

Anonymous said...

Apparently it doesn't get dark and avoiding sand in your face isn't important on the Space Islands because the car in the background doesn't have headlights or a windshield.