Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pacific Bell Concept Video (Part 2, 1991)

Part 2 of this unnamed Pacific Bell concept video has a visual voicemail feature (or in this case, audible voicemail) that iPhone users may find familiar.

See also:
Pacific Bell Concept Video (Part 1, 1991)


Salo said...

Haha, this time the pressure pad actually defended its inclusion. Very good! I'm still not sure if the "yellow pages" part wouldn't have been faster to do with mouse.. But of course, back in -91 the mouses were pretty clunky and dirtylooking - hard to compare to the laser/bluetooth-mouses of today!

Anonymous said...

How does the computer differentiate from when he's talking to it and when he's talking to himself. Wouldn't it have picked up on "Come on, Teresa call me!"

lee said...

christ, how long do we have to wait until part 3? I need to find out the fate of the baby! Will technology let the birth go awry?!