Saturday, August 11, 2007

Vision (Clip 3, 1993)

Clip 3 from the 1993 concept video Vision, produced by Andersen Consulting, shows us what the portable communications device of the future could look like. I'm pretty sure you could kill an elephant with that tablet she's holding.

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Andrei Stroe said...

Wow, I just love that electronic signature preview. Interesting view, since in 1993 RSA was already 10 years old.

Anonymous said...

Well, they had to have someplace to hide the CRT in that "handheld" computer tablet mockup.

Paul said...

Yes consulting companies. I remember going to an Andersen conference in 1995 entitled "Is The Web Just a Passing Fad?".

Clever, clever people.

artbot said...

I wonder if she can scan atmospheric conditions with that Tri-corder.

ALT - [f r a m e s] said...

That thing must weight a ton.

Chronic low-level back pain, anyone?

Glynn Kalara said...

Hey, I still use one like that!

countach said...

It's amazing the drawing speed of the graphics and windows in that screen!