Friday, August 3, 2007

Nazi Paleo-Futurism (1941)

Heliport/Railway StationMartin Kappler has scanned and uploaded a German poster from 1941 which shows Third Reich images of the paleo-future. The poster was in a book called Durch die weite Welt vol. XIX, one in a series of books for boys.

Many thanks to Flickrfy for the tip, and of course, Martin Kappler for scanning and translating this poster.

The headline and main text read:

What new things will the technology of tomorrow bring?
Today still a venturous plan - tomorrow maybe reality

Technology and economy in the Greater German Reich have gone into an unexpected upswing. The largest network of Autobahn highways has been constructed in just a few years, whole new industries were created and great architectural and urbanistic tasks are about to be realised. Although the war, that was forced upon us, makes it necessary to concentrate our economy on the war efforts, the great plans for the buildup are drawn with the certitude of our victory in mind. Many keen inventions and many thoughts that still seem fantastic today will then be realised. The pictures in this poster show on which branches the engineers are working today and what the technology of tomorrow will bring.

Underground Train called "Driving Torpedo"
Stratospheric Airplane
Ocean Liner
Water Airplane
Double Decker Bus
Submarine With Rotating Outer Hull

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Anonymous said...

So you mean if the Nazi's won I would actually have my flying car?


Ted Mahsun said...

That's awesome! More nazi futurism please!

Anonymous said...

I think the one image isn't a Motel, it's an elevator-based parking garage. Which is a great idea, only just now being implemented in Europe and Japan.

Love the 5-crew member cockpit in the seaplane. Guess those German labor unions were strong even then... Of course the seaplane as a whole would have been noisy as f**k, given the disbursed location of the 3 engines

Mark Plus said...

Ironically the Nazi movement attracted people with conflicting agendas. On the one hand it drew in technological visionaries who wanted to build futuristic cities connected by autobahns and air travel; and on the other hand it also drew in romantic neo-Luddites who wanted to return the German people to a life of simple and healthy organic farming, resettling them in the newly acquired Lebensraum to the East.

Benjamin said...

That seaplane, I think, is actually an unbuilt design called the Seversky Super Clipper. (See Although the German propaganda would be loath to admit it, it was designed by a Russian living in America.

Anonymous said...

Aren't those Dymaxion cars and buses at ground level in the Heliport Train Station picture?

The sub -- save for the rotating outer hull -- is a remarkably contemporary design.

Anonymous said...

come to think of it, spinning those two large hull sections to screw through the water will result in some pretty massive counter-torque on the core of the sub. Hang on boys, it's going to be a bumpy ride!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm the guy who scanned this poster. It's hanging on my wall..

@ wutzke: The poster states that the submarine has a gyroskope to counter the counter-torque. It's the round thing with numer 2 on the drawing. It's for mail delivery by the way.

The elevator-based garage is a motel. The text reads: (Nazi-Voice) "The next years of peace will bring an enourmous rise of automobile traffic. Great car-hotels will be created in wich cars and their driver will be comforted."

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, wink-wink, nudge-nudge "mail delivery"...

Kenneth said...

I just love these aeroplans. None of them have jet-engines. All are propell driven.

All futuristic images from the era between 1930-1960 are so fun to watch.

The elevator-hotel text is just hilarious. The next year of peace. Just like the war was about to end.

Carface's Garage said...

I been scanning my eyes with these poster and something is not right. Where all the Swastikas? That guy have an amazing vision a futuristic Germany without the Nazis!

Anonymous said...

Captain Future meets the Nazis... cool

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Anonymous said...

Brings to mind the flashy Nazi technologies in Philip K. Dick's alt-history 'The Man in the High Castle'. Cool book. Very apropos of this site.

Anonymous said...

From the ad's unitedstatesofobama
is somewhat simular to the sickening personality cult build around hitler.
Is it any different because the the furer is now black?

Spoon Phillips said...

On June 29 "Annonymous" said:

"From the ad's unitedstatesofobama
is somewhat simular to the sickening personality cult build around hitler. Is it any different because the the furer is now black?"

It is not different because he is black.

It is different because, should he become President, he will have been ELECTED by the citizens and be the chief executive of a nation where people are actually allowed to say what you did, or publish it in a book or newspaper and actually use their own name when they do so, without fear of being arrested or disappearing. And when his allotted time as leader is up, he will peacefully allow the transfer of power to whomever the people elect to replace him. People in such nations often take that for granted these days, but it is a hugely significant difference to the society headed by Heir Hitler.

But I still want my flying car!

Anonymous said...

For whatever wrongs Adolf Hitler comitted, he was elected by the German people. Also, you were allowed to express your opinions, as long as they conformed to the political correctness of the times. Just as it is today.