Friday, August 24, 2007

Fashion Wired for Sound in Year 2000 (1957)

The May 15, 1957 Chicago Tribune ran a piece titled, "Tell Future of Fashions in Exhibit." The story described the apparel on display at Marshall Field at the time, which depicted the fashions of the year 2000. An excerpt appears below.

Most of the designers represented agreed that the fashionable woman of the future will be wired for sound, with sending and receiving equipment built into her costume. Fabrics will be treated to be warm in winter and cool in summer. Some will screen the sun to allow tanning without burning while others, used in bathing suits, will make them unsinkable.

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Ryan DeRamos said...

Anyone put into suspended animation (an equally Paleo-Futuristic concept) and awakened seven years ago would have been the iPod was put on the market in 2001. :-)

Also...hello! I hope to visit again soon!


Anonymous said...


My girlfriend is a part of the Cyber/Industrial subculture, with whom wearing superfluous goggles as a headband is part of the common fashion. Well, she just ordered a pair of goggles which have speakers instead of lenses. The goggles have a cord which can plug into an iPod.

But then, as a Cyber, she looks like she's from 2150 anyways ^_^

Tom said...

S'funny what of this has actually come true in comparison to so many other bits of paleo futurism.

We have tan - through bathing suits and glasses that adjust to light levels. We've had portable sound devices for some time.

On the other hand, I want my flying car. They've been saying we'd have 'em by now and I'm pissed.