Monday, July 2, 2007

Closer Than We Think! Headphone TV (1960)

Hacking the brain hasn't caught on in consumer products quite yet, but we can see that it's always been right around the corner.

This Closer Than We Think! strip was found in the November 27, 1960 edition of the Chicago Tribune.

Today's television receivers may one day be replaced by devices that will "tickle" the brain, breaking right through to man's inner consciousness. At least that's what electronics trailblazer Hugo Gernsback believes.

Brain tissue conducts electricity. What would be more logical then, asks Gernsback, than the development of a "superceptor" whose impulses would create images directly in the mind, like dreams, instead of lighting up a television screen? And three UCLA scientists have suggested that with the introduction of such a receiver, everyone in the family would be able to tune in his individual program - with eyes open or closed, whichever he prefers!

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Salo said...

Or then again, you can buy more TV's..

Anonymous said...

The Hugo gernsbeck, of HUGO Awards fame?