Friday, June 29, 2007

The Future of Real Estate (1953)

Steve over at Finkbuilt sent me a link to this great image of a couple buying a house in the (paleo)future. The publication appears to be from December, 1953.

See also:
Something must be wrong with its radar eye! (Chicago Tribune, 1959)
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Anonymous said...

Funny pictures that would be plain weird, lol.


Anonymous said...

The thing I love about the Paleo-future is that everything's so... impractical. Where's the spacecraft those folks are EVAing from? Why go into orbit solely to show up at a space-house-dome in person? Why have a dome just floating there? Wouldn't a sphere have been more efficient?

These questions and more are what keep me coming to this blog.


artbot said...

Wow, that's just....words fail me. Probably one of my favorite images ever!

I wish people were still painting silly stuff like this today.

Tim H said...


"I wish people were still painting silly stuff like this today."

Currently we are creating an educational MMO for teaching physics concepts to college freshman. It's set on the Moon and the primary theme is "retro future" and you'll see a lot of this kind of stuff in it. It's a lot easier (and more fun) to do than technically accurate renderings of landers, robots, and so forth.

When we get some screens ready I'm wanting to send them here as I think readers of this blog will like them.

Mark Plus said...

I guess everyone assumed that in the paleo-future, middle aged men like this realtor would still go bald and far-sighted, even though we have treatments for hair loss and laser surgery to correct vision these days. Hard to tell about his teeth, but Robert Heinlein in several of his stories and novels assumes that in "the future," almost all men in their 40's on up wear dentures.

Geoff Holtby said...

In the Future, we'll all live in giant snow-globes apparently.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't a sphere have been more efficient?
Well, see, in those days they knew about the housing bubble and were devising futurristic ways to prevent it from bursting.
That is until the American real estate world invented liar loans and all kinds of ponzi schemes to compensate for their lack of intelligence and ability. So instead of preventing it from bursting, they just accelerated its flattening.

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