Monday, June 25, 2007

Monsanto House of the Future (1957)

This 1957 photo of the Monsanto House of the Future can be found in the Library of Congress collection.

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Unknown said...

This will be totally useless, but Cranbrook (a sort of school/museum/dog park located in the great state of Michigan) has a "HOUSE OF THE FUTURE." Pretty regular looking residence, but its got some crazy stuff within, as I am told.

Anonymous said...

I was 14 when my family visited Disneyland in 1963; though I most wanted to see the old Moonliner, the Monsanto house was at least as impressive a taste of "the" future. I was struck with how uncluttered the interior design was, and though the furniture was far more gimmicky than actually comfortable, the interior was ingeniously laid out and very configurable. Everything in the place was totally dependent upon Monsanto petrochemicals, of course.