Friday, June 15, 2007

Frigidaire Kitchen of the Future (1957)

The blog Mutagenic Mushroom recently posted this photo of the 1957 kitchen of the future. I can't tell where they found it but they claim it was produced by Frigidaire. Anyone with more information about this image is encouraged to fill us in.

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Anonymous said...

This is the Kitchen of the Future built by Frigidaire for the 1956 Motorama.

The kitchen is also featured in the short film Design for Dreaming, which is available for download from the Internet Archive.

Unknown said...

Yes... Frigidaire was owned by General Motors at the time, so it was a part of GM's promotional futurism. (I think the company's part of Electrolux now.)

Serotonin said...

I found this pic here>>

Anonymous said...

Ilari beat me to it! That "Design for Dreaming" is one of the most gorgeous paleo-future shorts I have ever seen!