Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Road Ahead: Future of Police Work (1995)

Now that we've seen what the classroom of the future and the home of the future look like, let's take a look at police investigations of the future. The video below is from the CD-ROM included in the 1995 Bill Gates book The Road Ahead.

With video monitors in cars and wireless "wallet PCs" the most hilariously paleo-futuristic thing about this video is the huge audio recording device he plops down on the desk.

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Nick Teeple said...

they obviously need a Bible-sized voice to text synthesizer on hand in case they suddenly need to decode a rousing round of Who's on first?

Nick said...

is it just me, or did the guy pull out a keybord for his dashboard computer (@ 1:15) ??

bwahbwah said...

R.I.P. Alejandro Riveria (if I got that name right)

Your untimely "death from a single gunshot" in a strange land far from home was not in vain if it sell a few more copies of Microsoft Windows.

Odon said...

"In the future, the dreaded infestation of cop-show cliches has still not been stamped out..."

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is actually pretty accurate. Predicting text messaging on what looks like a T-Mobile Sidekick, and Starbucks addiction.