Friday, March 30, 2007

Nuclear War Revisited (2006)

In case a flyer wasn't clear enough, the House of Yahweh posted video of their September 12, 2006 nuclear war prophecy.

"Prophecy shows that nuclear war will start September the 12th, 2006. A third part of the people will be killed over a fourth part of the earth. If you live this long you are going to see this take place. We're in the last three and a half years of prophecy that shows that mankind will almost totally destroy himself before this thing is over."

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Anonymous said...

I just can't take a guy with a southern accent spouting off scripture that seriously. And how many times has the world ended now? We all died off on 1/1/2000, we were killed on June sixth 2006 and the September twelfth the same year, and now we'll die in December of 2012. All right!!!

Anonymous said...

shut the fuck up who ever said it on the vedio about this bullshit about the war happenin on 2006. Its mad fake