Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Mobile Phone Prototypes (1973)

Invention and Technology magazine has a great piece in their Winter 2007 issue about the development of the mobile phone. The pictures below are prototypes developed by Motorola. The "banana" model second from the right intrigues me most. The world would be a very interesting place if mobile phones had never gotten any smaller.


Scott Haley said...

Mobile phones look more like Captain Kirk's communicator all the time.

Ricky George said...

The Samsung U900 Soul means the Spirit of Ultra. It is one of the popular members of Ultra range. The overall look and design of the Samsung Mobile Phones makes it both pleasing to the eye as well as easy to operate. The ultra slim casing of handset measures 105 mm in height, 49.5 mm in width and 12.9 mm in thickness. With the compact casing, the users feel good to hold it in their hands.

Unknown said...

Mobile phope shape and design is very important in today market. The shape and look attracts to the mobile users, and it should be flaxible. Mobile Phonesmarkets are growing day by day. Motorola and banana presents a very attractive and with fyll featured handset.