Friday, February 23, 2007

More Space Colony Art (1970s)

The NASA Ames Research Center has more 1970s space colony artwork, some of which was featured last week in the post about Donald Davis.


Anonymous said...

All the great space art posts lately on the webernets have made me all nostalgic for the late 70s when, instead of getting laid or partying with friends, I was holed up in my garage making models of all the spaceships from Starlog, Future and Omni magazines. Good times!

Scott Haley said...

I wonder if you'd die from radiation if you tried to live in such a place. Would they have to evacuate every time there was a solar flare?


Anonymous said...

these are by Rick Guidice, the the originals are on display at the Wattis Gallery at California College Of The Arts in San Francisco