Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Men in Black Hate iTunes

Agent Kay: "This is a fascinating little gadget. These are going to replace CDs soon. I guess I'll have to buy the White Album again."

It's funny to think that a movie like Men in Black, produced just ten years ago, could not forsee the very rapid changes the music industry was about to go through. The CD was not eclipsed by something smaller, but rather something virtually invisible; digital files traversing the internet. It makes you wonder what the media landscape could look like in just another ten years. (Or fewer, if technology continues to progress exponentially.)

If iTunes goes DRM-free, like eMusic I certainly have no reason to ever buy a CD again.


Anonymous said...

Minidisc was supposed to be the successor to CD, but mp3 changed all of that.....

Jeff said...

MD was in fact intended replace cassette tape. The item in the picture appears to be a Dataplay disc, designed as a multimedia USB storage device. Don't know whatever happened to the Dataplay.