Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cigarettes of the Year 2000 (1944)

Making things smaller and more efficient has, at least since the Industrial Revolution, been a staple of American futurist thinking. A women's dinner event in 1944 included "The Year 2000" as its theme and even the cigarettes were "concentrated." From the January 26, 1944 Maryville Daily Forum (Maryville, MO):
The group was served food suggestive of the theme and included tutti-fruitti pills; a pill of golden brown for the meat course; the dessert course was a miniature chocolate pellet and concentrated cigarettes. At the close of this banquet, food of 1944, including sandwiches and coffee, was served.

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Aaron T. said...

How futuristic, concentrated cancer. I wonder if they just put some cigarette ashes into capsules and had the guests suck on them?

Anonymous said...

I never understood the fascination with meals in pill form. Who would WANT that? Even in the military, real food is always preferred to concentrated crud unless you have to carry days worth on your back.

Anonymous said...


Food pills were conceived at a time when women were slaves to the kitchen, spending hours to prepare each meal. It was thought up in an attempt to free the housewife from the chains of the kitchen.

Mad Scientist Matt said...

Ryan, I'm equally puzzled by the meals in pill form. They showed up often enough in science fiction, but where was the consumer demand for them? They do kind of make sense for soldiers and backpackers, but using them everyday sounds more dystophian than anything else.

If the idea of preparation was the issue, it would make more sense for them to predict something more along the lines of cake mix.