Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Border Surveillance of 1990 (1977)

The November 26, 1977 Tucson Citizen (Tucson, AZ) imagined the border and facility surveillance technology of 1990.
Special sensors designed to look like rocks, plants and other natural objects could be seeded along borders, and transmit via satellite the sounds of voices, footsteps and vehicles of potential illegal aliens and smugglers.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that's an awesome idea! Because, you know, nothing else moves around in the desert. Can't believe that one didn't catch on...

Anonymous said...

And then the 2 border agent within 500 miles of the sensors will be all over their shit... like 2 days later.

Anonymous said...

Wow! 1977! That must be Cheech and Chong, doing their business!

Anonymous said...

Looks like an allegedly civilian version of the "smart battlefield" concept developed late in the Vietnam War: seed the site with electronic signalling devices and send smart bombs in along the signals. Not there yet, but if somebody were itching to try it with current UAVs and digital spy tech, would that come as a surprise? Of course, for it to work, either you have to replace all those batteries or keep dropping disposable toxic widgets on the desert. Maybe if they pile up high enough...?

Anonymous said...

Make them solar powered with battery backup if the power need is small enough,..... NIMH or Li Ion batteries?

But yeah build that now.... drones and senors backed up by quick response teams.

I've had very educated friends from Japan try to get residency over here and our Gov't won't let them move here but anyone comes across from Mexico and they let them in. Build this now cause fair is fair. Or let my friends in.