Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Closer Than We Think! Boytopia (1960)

This Closer Than We Think! strip ran in the March 13, 1960 Chicago Tribune.

Community center planners are getting ready to meet tomorrow's challenges. For proof, look at "Boytopia," the concept of the Boys' Clubs of America for the age of automation and space travel.

Such centers would teach youngsters the mechanics of space travel, solar energy and other new phases of science - just as today they are taught about auto engines, television and radio, electricity and wood-working. There would be special facilities for the handicapped, too, so that all the upcoming generation might be better fitted for the strenuous age of interstellar travel.

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Anonymous said...

This particular article demonstrates the "paleo" in "Paleo-Future" in one acute and obvious way: The "Boy" in "Boytopia," or rather, the assumption that the technology for space travel should only be taught to boys, and only boys are interested in it.

Compare that to today's public service campaign to get girls involved in science education.

Dennis said...

"Next week: Space Coveralls"


Anonymous said...

Judging from the boys' appearance, mumps will play a major role in the future.

Yeah, I want to see the space coveralls too!

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked that the article didn't also contain something like "The girls, on the other hand, will be taught the vitally important arts of laser-cooking, space-sewing and rocket-vacuuming."

Anonymous said...

The part that grabbed me as retro, is the "topia". Throw "topia" on anything, and it sounds like something thought up in the 50s or 60s.

Coming in 1998, Sciencetopia! The science laboratory of the future, where young male college students can learn in a real-lab environment.

Ripple said...

They didn't see video games coming at all. Imagine kids of today doing constructive things with their free time...yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

Hey - an administrative building! Who needs that in Boytopia?